Ellie & Kieran

Married overlooking Newcastle Beach, Ellie and Kieran’s wedding was full of so much fun and emotion.

With a beautiful speech by the bride and a fun reception at Noah’s on the beach it was such a privilege to be able to capture all the special moments and package it up into this memory they will have forever.

Cleo & Brad

It may of been cold and windy, but that definately did not stop Cleo and Brad having an amazing love filled ceremony at the gorgeous Green Cathedral, Pacific Palms that backs onto Wallis Lake.

A wonderful story, a Rolls Royce and some stunning scenery made for a beautiful film to be captured and it was such a privilege to be there to record the day.

Kara & Nathan

The day may of started out with rain, but it ended with love and laughter.

Kara and Nathan had their beautiful ceremony at Peppers Creek chapel, with a reception at Muse restaurant just up the road.

Nathan had a visit by the General Lee for transport to the ceremony and that was such a suprise.

With photography by the amazing Nicole Butler and such a stunning location, it was a pleasure to be there and film Kara and Nathans wedding.

Ashleigh & Nathan

Set on the gorgeous grounds of the Hunter Valley Gardens and the bride Ashleigh arriving on a horse drawn carriage, this was certainly a day that i enjoyed every moment of.

With a beautiful ceremony officiatied by Anthony Burke and photos captured by Candice Campbell, Ashleigh and Nathan shared their love and laughter together with a kiss and releasing of a pair of whites doves.

We walked around the gardens and captured some gorgeous cinematic shots, and finished off with a fun and exciting reception.

Emily & Ben

Check out Emily and Ben’s amazing love story filmette.

Set in a gorgeous location high atop Mount Royal at Callicoma Hill, Emily and Ben had a beautiful ceremony filled with love, laughter and a few tears.

With all the guests enjoying every special moment, sharing a few stories over champagne and cold beers after, then heading off for the reception at Peterson House to wait for Emily and Ben to return, while we had some amazing scenery to explore for the photo and video location shoot.

The reception was beautiful and contained a very warm heart fealt speach from Emily’s dad, it was such a pleasure to be there for them and film the day.